Keystone Lake 3/10/07 report

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  1. Tiny

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    caught 14 fish today that averaged about 8+ biggest two were 12+ lbs. all caught on cut shad and cut buffalo. These are the same guys that went out with me the previous trip except for brother Tom on the right of the photo attached below. they caught another 10 lb fish just after this photo was taken. Wind was very light out of the east then southeast then back out of the east that evening. got some rain the following day and I was busy else I'd have posted the report a little sooner. water temp was 60+ degrees with a lot of little shad around the surface ... big shad are still 23 to 25 ft deep so it took me about an hour or more to get enough bait for the day. the big shad seem to work better for me. we also missed about 20 to 25 good hits too ... not sure what was happening there. if we'd have caught 70% of our hits we woulda loaded the boat plum up with fish.

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  2. boogie

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    dang tiny,that was a pretty good haul,good looking catch there ...still a lil cool for me but hope to be out on the water with maw in a week or 2.

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    Thats a bunch of fish congrats Tiny:tounge_out:
  4. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Great report and congrats on the catch!:cool2: