Keystone Gathering - Sure Was Nice

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    Hey Yall,It was sure nice to see yall. To bad the fishing was wasent so good,All I got was a 6lb Drum and a 20in Flathead but that was more than most but I fished all 3 nights . In about 2 weeks the fishing will be AWSOME!!!I gess you juggers Did well but thats not the way I like to fish..It was great to be there and Mike your wife's Pie was so GOOOOOD.It was good to see my wife come out there that was the best Medication she has has in while.Thank you all for being so good to us....:big_smile:
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    Near Tulsa Oklahoma
    Melissa and I had a great time looking forward to next year already.Mike did another awsome job putting it all together.What a spread we had Saturday for dinner.We may have not brought any fish home for dinner but we didn't go hungry while we were there.Thank you Dobbs for the fish,since you guys caught them all lol:big_smile: