Keystone Fishing Report

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    I fished keystone last night dropped in @ New Manford ramp headed 2.0 southwest of the ramp to a little cove I like to fish. I hit the water @ 10:30 PM til 2:30 AM. I jug lined at a depth of between 10'-15' anchored. Using hotdogs and cut shad. With no luck 0 caught. I did have a few shad jump in the boat so the signs were all there. the wind was out of the west about 10-15 mph the cove I was fishing ran south to north with good cover and grass beds extending from the bank to about 8' of water. water temp 79 Inflow: 34800 cfs Outflow: 3400 cfs. Level: 3.31 feet above normal.

    This Saturday im gonna try it again with a little different tactics.
    Im gonna try the same spot with Worms. Justs for channel cats thats what has been reported they are hitting on in 8'-15' of water in coves.

    Other reports

    Channel catfish fair on worms at 8 to15 feet of water in mouth of coves; blue catfish fair on shad 15-20 ft. in the river flats; flathead catfish slow on shad at 15-20 ft. off steep banks

    Good Luck Keep Fishin
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    Mannford. Oklah
    Welcome to the BOC!! We have a gathering every year the first weekend in June at New Mannford Ramp. You just missed the last one!
    That is a good area to fish just north of the cove a ways. I'm off on Tuesday and Wednesday. PM me for a phone number and maybe we can hook up sometime. Good to have you aboard!!

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Tom, I have to work sat from 8-2 but would be interested in going with ya after that. PM me
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    Just did some inspection dives at Keystone. The flathead were thick on the downstream side. They were laying in the rocks just below the flood gates.
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    I just fished keystone this friday. I dont know the name of the bay but it was eight miles down the road from woody's bait shop. i caught 3 6-8lb blues and one 5 lb channel using large minnows. we were only out a couple hours after the rain and the fishing was great until the clouds went away and the sun came back out!