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Kerr Report 6-18, 19

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Went to Kerr for my first time and met up with wtjordan, and flatline. After an interesting trip up there, blowing out two trailer tires in twenty minutes, buying two more new trailer tires and rims, my wife and I made it to the campground where wtjordan had gotten us a great campsite right on the water. We started fishing at about 7:30pm. Fairly near the State Line Campground is where we started fishing in about 15 to 35 feet deep. We picked up our first Kerr cat in about 4 ft of water on a long point, then a largemouth on cutbait in 40' of water going from one point to another about 3lbs. Couple of small eater channels later its time to go cook some hambugers and hotdogs at the campsite. After dinner FLatline, wtjordan and myself went out to do some more drifting and with no bites we decided to anchor down on the edge of a huge point with tons of bait flipping. We caught 6 or 7 cats in about 2 hrs anywhere from 2 to 7 lbs mix of blues and channels and another nice largemouth. Got about 1 hr of sleep at the campsite and it was time to head back out. Flatline, my wife and myself ran up the lake to around Eagle Point and did some more power drifting. Caught 5 more blue cats 2 to 8 lbs in 6 to 12 ft of water. Bait of choice was cut gizzard shad about 1"x1.5", cut behind the head to in front of the dorsal. The blues were absolutely HAMMERING it when they hit.

Switched two of my drifting rods over to 50lb braid and loved the feeling and performance. I have a few pics of the nice ones we caught and will get them posted asap. Water temp was 84 degrees and water color was slightly stained.
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Good deal, sounds like an successful trip!
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