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    My two boys and I got to Clarksville around two o'clock. Put in at Bluestone and Ryan (he's 7) started the day by catching plenty of shad in his four foot net. We drifted Santee rigs at the mouth of Bluestone, no hits. Went up the Staunton, anchored above a good hole and fished bottom rigs with cut shad and drifted live ones through it on corks, no hits. We then went downriver to the bridges area and drifted Santee rigs again. Shortly before dark Chris (he's 11) had a good one on but the hook popped out beside the boat, never saw him. A couple minutes later Ryan landed a 30 inch rockfish and Chris landed a 28 inch rockfish. I was relieved 'cause it was starting to look like a skunking. All bites were on cut shad, no takers on the live ones. Water temp 69.
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    I`m glad 2 hear u and the boys are getting some shad. Try going in to Occoneechee and throwing in the cove to the right of the docks when you`re coming from the bridges,back in there as far as you can and you guys should catch some large 1`s maybe in the 10 inch range for bait. We`ll be looking for ya`ll at BIBT before its cold again, (lol). Come on out and get in some of the tournaments, email me or reply back and I`ll let you know when they are.Good luck u guys and let me know if i can help, Todd :cool2:

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    Hey, I'm new to the area and I have a few questions

    I live in wake forest so it's a hour drive and we don't get to go as often as i would like, so i have to make the best of my oppurtunities

    My friend has went to Kerr about 4 times thus far and been blanked 3 of those times and the 4th time caught a few average size. I want to get on some fish, but his "honey hole" as he calls it where he used to catch big cats, is now nothing and I haven't a clue as to where to go. he is using dead shad and we even got some croaker out of the james river that he cut up and put on a hook (it was worth a shot, but to no avail). Hopefully I'll be able to get out there in a few weeks on his boat, but for now does anyone know of a place where there are atleast getting bites. Also, If anyone fishes falls for bass, I have been trying to bass fish out of my kayak to no avail. thanks for your help in advance, and any help is appreciated, because i haven't fished long and everything i do know i pretty mch taught myself off of the old BOC website in 2003 (when i picked up catfishin)
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    Im glad the boys atleast caught something. Keeps there interest in fishing!