kerr lake report/09 feb 08

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  1. bigblaze

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    one of my fishing partners purchased some cool new maps that show the lake before it was flooded....

    so after talking with some other members on this site...i headed to grassy creek to try to beat my personal best (19 lbs) record for a blue cat...

    so that should be pretty easy right....kerr lake is know for MONSTER BLUES!!

    put in a longwood and headed out to try our luck...

    well almost immediately started marking BIG SCHOOLS of bait with BIG arches below them...and thought to myself yep today is the day...

    our first drift produced 0 cats next drift and I got my first run...FISH ON!

    got it to the boat landed a 19

    then the wind kicked was gusting and swirling it was almost impossible to get a straight drift....

    it was about 4:00 and I was fed up with trying to we found a little island and anchored up behind it..

    About 5:00 the wind finally laid down and i asked my partner if he wanted to try to make one last drift about then his rod went down and he landed a 10 lb. blue...

    so I waited 10 minutes and then my rod went down...

    finally beat my PB the fish was a whole 20 lbs and 1 oz...i know thats not big but it was just big enough for me...

    for bait we had hickory and gizzard shad as well as crappie...all 3 fish were caught on crappie...

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  2. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Turning into a resevoir fisherman eh?
    You have gone to the dark side:big_smile:

    I like Kerr and Gaston. I prefer Gaston because I've spent alot more time on Gaston.

    Spring of the year head up to the head of Kerr where the rivers comes into it.
    Thats a happening place.

  3. bigblaze

    bigblaze New Member

    thanks markj...

    no just keeping busy between busy the flathead season and the stripers...

    so far the local rivers have let me down for a big blue...but thats just me...

    but the flathead fish gods sure have smiled down upon me for our local rivers:wink:

    yep i plan on trying above clarksville in spring..for sure
  4. jeremiad

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    Oustanding fishing report, John! This was a very interesting read.

    Congratulations on a new PB!
  5. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    Great job on the new PB John!

    It's best to beat those PB's a little at a time, gives you something more realistic to shoot for each time out.
  6. WillyZ

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    North Carolina
    Hey Big Blaze, the next time you are anchored, and you know there are some suspended fish...rig up a pole with no weight. You may have to downsize your line/hook/swivel a bit. The trick is getting it just right so you cast it as far as possible from the boat, the weight being your bait, so it sinks really slow, the slower the better. Fillets sink fairly slow...hook one end of the fillet, and take the other end and cut a slit in the middle to end (2 flaps) to give the bait a little action as its sinking (works best with fresh cut fillet). When you are drifting (I think you said you are running some float rigs) try to account for sway back when setting your depth. And if you are not running any free lines, put one or two of those out with a live white perch, bream, or shad, get it as far away from the boat as possible. Good report and congrats on a new PB.