Kerr Lake Fishing Report

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    My oldest son Chris (he's 12) and I went after the white perch today. We've been doing pretty good with them lately so we left home full of confidence. Big mistake! After four hours of him bouncing red worms and me bouncing a sabiki rig, he had caught two white cats around a pound each, one yellow perch and one white perch. Each perch was about four inches long. I had been skunked! We then decided to switch over to catfishin' (which was not part of the original plan). We cut the two perch into three baits each (little bitty baits that is). We set out three santee rigs and two down lines and began drifting a deep cove. 45 minutes later we had boated nine more cats. The largest being a eight pound blue. All fish were caught on the bottom rigs from 23 to 30 feet deep and the water temp was 84-85.
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    Way to make lemonade out of lemons !!!! I have had days set aside for cats, and perch made it fun. Glad you switched up, and had success.

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    I've had cat trips turn into perch trips as well, but if I go after perch I usually got more than enough to eat in a coule hours, so then I normally drag some around for some catfishin'. Them perch are fun, but after about 100 I'm ready for something else. see ya
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    Perch are hard to come by right now. They are in their disappear mode! :cool2: