Kerr Lake Catfish Report 9-30-08

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  1. Leftenant

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    Fished from east of Clarksville bridges all the way down to the mussel beds without much success. Only put one fish in the boat all day (8 #s). We had a lot of good hits just prior to the front moving through, but the fish would pick the bait up, run just 8 or 10 feet and drop it. Tryed goldfish and cut crappie. Most of the hits were on the cut bait. Also used some small bluegill. Got a couple of hits on those. A great day of fishing but not a great day of catching. Little to no wind until the front came through. Anyway, a bad day of fishing is better than a great day at work. Tight lines everyone!
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    That sounds like most of my trips.

    Great days are nice, great days with big fish are nicer.