Kerr Lake Cat Report

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    My son Ryan (he's 7) and I fished a little windward cove in Grassy Creek sunday from about 4:30 til almost dark. It was way too windy and cold to be any where else. Used cut and live shad. We've switched over to circle hooks and I'm letting him handle hooksets and all on his own now. Had 7 or 8 pretty good hits and landed two blues, one bout 3 or 4 Lb. and the other probly 10-12 Lb. All hits came from 25-35 Ft. within a ten or 15 minute timeframe about 30 minutes before dusk.As usual, pretty, thick and healthy fish. Birds were working the whitecaps hard on the downwind bank. They're tougher than we are !! Water temp 42
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    Father and son out fishing prior to the Super Bowl during tuff weather. It don't get no better than that. Thanks for the report and thanks for taking your son with you and showing him the way.