Kept 100s of Skipjack..How Big You Catching?

Discussion in 'Skipjack Herring' started by stumpjumper, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. stumpjumper

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    Dallas, GA
    Over the years, I have come across posts where members state that they have caught hundreds of Skipjack in a short amount of time. I have also read member posts that say they were using "whole Skipjack".

    I consider myself "good" for the winter with around 80-100, which will fill my entire deep freeze. I try to get out most weekends in the winter.

    I have used some big baits over the years, but can't imagine using an entire Skipjack... at least not the size that I typically catch.

    My questions are very simple. How big are the Skipjack that you usually catch? What size piece do you typically use? Finally, excluding those folks that "only use fresh"... how many Skip do you usually keep for a season?
  2. 223reload

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    Marc,When Poisonpitts fished with me over Thanksgiving in Oklahoma,Some he brought were a pound ,He said he used them whole if he knew the chances of a big fish were there. We used them as cut bait ,Rather large chunks too.

  3. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    10" or less I do use some whole,throw them down and stomp on them. I never fish a whole skipjack that is not been cut stabbed or stomped good. Let the juices get out. But we catch lots here that will push 2 lbs each. Those I fillet both sides, and get 4 baits out of the fillets. Cut each fillet in half length ways. So each bait is say 12" Long and 2 or 3" wide. That makes a perfect piece for me drift fishing. and I use 2 pieces on my rod like that.
    As i control drift fish, sinker on bottom. Then double hook rig off a 3 way swivel and then 3ft above that one next double hook rig coming from a 3 way .
    Theres time when I am able to fish. I have used 300 Skipjack in a year by my self.
  4. j.bridges

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    Hey Marc. I use some whole as big as 2lb but I also use what I call chuncks which are 1/2 to a 1in thick and then sometimes a whole side fillet and some times the heads ofa 2lb skip....Through the winter I like to have 150 to two hundred at all depends on how much I go and if I find the cats....
  5. craddock1

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    I like the 2 pound skipjack whole. someimes i leave catfish up to about 5 pounds for bait. don,t fish for no little fish. Seldom eat one less than 20 pounds. It is not unusual to catch a 40 pounder with a 5 to 6 pounder in its stomach. Often 5 or 6 inches still sticking out of his mouth.