Keowee Report 5-9-09

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    Pickens, SC
    Went to mile creek yesterday for a family outing with the wife and kids. Took the ultralight bream poles just for catching bream. Beached the toon in a sandy cove so the kids could play in the water and fished off the back of the boat with redworms. After about an hour with no bites just started playing with my 1 year old in the water, and bam, rod goes off. 2 lb channel, then the other goes off, another 2 lb channel. This went on for an hour and a half. Finished up with 18 channels, 1 to 3 lbs, all caught in 5 feet of water on redworms, water temp was 71 degrees and water was clear. Sunny skies and, mid day.

    The 1 year old sat on the toon and played with the fish as I threw them on the deck. Great day with the family and some eaters to boot!!!

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    That is some good eating size fish there. Good Catch

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    Shoot...sounds fun to me. You folks noticed the numbers of channels being caught in this area this week ?

    School is about over and I will finally have the kids out fishing with me all night....I cant wait.

    Thanks for the report, glad you did so go.