Keokuk catfish tourny today

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    Well the wife and kid and I went out this morning and fished another tournament at the Southside Boat Club in Keokuk Today. Mike (my son) was throwing the cast net for shad, and we didn't get squat. So we used stink bait all day, and we ended up catching 7 keepers, and we threw back 4 dinks. I started out up in the spillways, and then started working the wing dams, We caught 1 fish at each spot, and then it just died up, so we'd move on. The temperature was tolerable until about 11 am, and the it was just hot. When I came thru town, the bank was giving 100 degrees, and the humidity seemed like it was up. Anyway the winner ended up turning in 21 keepers ( 13" or more) the next place was 20, then 10, so it left me out of the money, but it was a good time. There was a drawing for a stainless steel anchor made by my cousin, and you should have seen it, he is an artist with stainless and he did a great job. I'm going to see if I can beg borrow or steal one from him. lol anyway we got home, and I'm in for the duration, boy that airconditioning will spoil a feller. All in all it was a good day on the water, and I did a good deed also. a neighborhood kid came back home from Waterloo to fish this tournament, and he ran out of gas, and I happened to be the one who pulled him in. He was pretty embarrassed and had good reason to be.
    Well going to relax some now, later Andy