Kentucky river myths. True or false

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  1. sugarfoot47

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    Guys and ladies.Im guessing i have always been a big river fisherwomen.
    I heard that there wasnt any blues in the kentucky river.At least in any kind of numbers to just focus on blues.Is this true or false.
    I live within 45mins. of lock 4 ( im guessing that is lock 4 in downtown franfort.)And less than that were it comes into the Ohio river.
    If question is the a better lock for the blues?
    Also how is the flathead fishing?
  2. Salty1

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    Mt. Washington, Ky.
    Hi Sugarfoot.... I just cannot grasp the thought that a body of water that touches the Ohio River would not hold very many blues:confused2:. I fish the Salt River myself and I catch several Blues a year out of it, my avatar is of a Blue that came from the Salt early this summer. I could be wrong but who knows !!!!

  3. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Callie, the best chance of getting blues of size and numbers on the Kentucky is between the confluence with the Ohio and lock 1 at Carrollton. Good luck targeting them and having success upriver from there. There are blues in the Kentucky upriver from the first lock, finding and catching them in numbers can be tricky though. If I had to pick between fishing the Ohio and KY for blue catfish, I would choose the Ohio everytime. Vern
  4. shadkiller

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    sugarfoot47 i live and fish near the half way point of lock #1 & #2 on the ky river. if i go out and fish with large baits like 5 inch or larger skipjack or shad i caugth blues about 6 to 1 over channels. if im fishing with small cut bait or night crawlers to caught smaller eating fish i caught channels 10 to 1 over blues. so try fishing with larger baits if you want to land some bigger fish. you may not caught as many but i think one 20 lb fish is more fun to caught than 5 2lb fish...... unless im hungry....ha ha. good luck on the water.
  5. kyredneck

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    I fish the pool between locks 10 & 11. I've never caught a blue cat up here, but there are a few caught here every now and then.

    I have caught a few white cats and have had some call them blues, but I get the book out and prove them wrong.