Kentucky River Dam at Carrolton?

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    Northern KY
    I am planning on fishing below the dam on the Ky river before it flows out into the Ohio, never been there before but have heard good things. Is there anything I should know about before fishing that area? I would imagine it would be like fishing below markland only smaller? Pretty much targeting cats and stripers, probably more towards stripes since catfish are almost on the spawn. Appreciate any help on the subject:wink:

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    Its not like fishing at Markland at all. Much smaller area and its one of those boilers where the water just flows over the top so you gotta be careful. Its very low. With all the rain I dont know it might be up with a lot of debris. I saw a ton of debris coming out of the Kentucky River today and very muddy. You can catch fish there most any time though just depends on what is running.

    I am booked up with previous commitments this weekend and next but after that I am fairly open if you want a buddy to tag along. The ramp in Carrolton is very nice. There is lots of sand bars around the mouth on the upstream side but once you get in the channel its really deep. There are quite a few trees close to the bank on the trip up so be careful there.

    Shoot me a line I can generally get free at some point over a weekend.