Kentucky Lake - Tailwater

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    Paducah, KY
    For anyone who wants to know:

    I was out for about 4 hours yesterday afternoon.

    NO SHAD.

    Tried for a few skipjack, but no bites. Afterwards I put a worm on and tried anything I might be able to use as baite. again, nothing.

    Finally tied on a 2" chartreuse jig with a 3/4 oz head. I got a couple of light hits, then one solid hit. Realed in a 18" Striper (no guess on weight). Fished for about 30 more minutes and saw 2 more pulled in down the bank.

    I was fishing up against the dam. the current was a bit strong as they are letting out a little more water than usual. both sidewalks are still under water.

    Anyway, I just figured someone would like to know what the conditions were.