Kentucky lake crappie fishing

Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by jason berry, Sep 23, 2007.

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    I havent been down to Kentucky Lake in 10 years but, Im planning on going dowh their in October to do some crappie fishing. In stead of making a trip down their with no idea where to camp that is close to some stickups for crappie. I need some help of a name of a campground down their that I can tent camp in that is close to some tree stickups because Im not the best at crappie fishing but if I can find some submerged trees Ill do alright. Would really appreciate some help.
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    If you like to tent camp, Land Between The Lakes is 15 dollars a year to camp at any back country camping site. Taylor Bay is a good site. It is on Barkely Lake which I think is a better crappie lake anyway. Go to the Golden Pond visiters center in Land Between the Lakes to get the camping permit and a map of the area to show the different camp sites. They also have alot of camp sites on Kentucky Lake too, but can't think of the names right off hand.