Ken's Homemaid Minnow Trap

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    ok... i figured out a way to make a minnow trap with something most people throw away... 2 liter bottles.

    step 1: get two 2 liter bottles (3 liter will work too)

    step 2: cut the bottom off of one bottle. (right under the label)

    step 3: cut the top off of the other bottle. (right above the label)

    step 4: insert the bottle top that you cut off with the cap removed into the bottle you cut the bottom off of. it will look like the picture

    step 5: while the bottles are together, make some holes around the rim of the bottom of the bottles. (about 1/4 inch from the edge)

    step 6: insert zip ties into the holes and clamp them down. (or you can use fishing line and tie the bottle peices together)

    step 7: make a bunch of small holes in the bigger bottle peice, a couple dozen will work.

    step 8: attach a stretch of fishing line or a stringer or something through one of the holes the zip ties are in so that you can retrieve your trap without having to get wet.

    what i used to make all my holes was a soldering iron... but if you heat up a nail it will work too... or a drill... anything to make the holes.

    i used a 10 foot stretch of fishing line and the loose end got tied to a little peice of wood from a branch i found.. makes it inconspicous to anyone else that there are bottles in the water with free minnows in them.

    here are the pictures:

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    We used to make these all the time as kids. We used PVC glue to glue the halves together and we puched holes in the bottle lid to run our line. With a 3 liter bottle you can catch a lot of bigger minnows.