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Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by catman from owensboro, Aug 20, 2009.

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    bait tanks i got a keepalive 30gal bait tank with 460 pump in it. and having a hard time keeping shad alive.been putting ice in it to cool the water down.
    putting aquarium salt in it. and i'm putting the shad in a bucket of water for 3min's so the scale they lose don't fall off in the keep alive tank. but i'm still getting dead shad and some red nose shad. i no some of you guy's and girl's keep shad alive for days. so what am i doing wrong. today i went ahead and order a 1100 keep alive pump and the bigger filter for it. all help would be great......
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    adam i have the 30gallon keepalive but i have the 1100 pump,, that pump you have is just to small you wont have any problems with the bigger pump... also dont turn the air control wide open you want to be able to see the water swirling so the fish can swim against the current...

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    if you are putting bagged ice from the store in the tank, it has chlorine and other hard metals in it. you would have to put some sort of additive in w/ the ice, whether it be shad keeper or something for an aquarim to neutralize the chlorine.
  4. catfishscotty

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    the above posts are correct !!!! good points guys !!!

    also if ya had your tank for very long ya may need to clean it .

    fill your tank and add about 1/2 to a gallon of bleach in it and let it run for 8 hours or so

    then drain it and rinse a couple times then fill it back up adding a box of arm and hammer baking soda for another run of 8 hours or so even overnight is good .

    this will kill all the germs threw out the system and vacteria .

    I try to do this every couple of months or so seems to help ..
  5. tbird

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    You have to use the 2 big filters the little one is useless with shad. Only thing I hate is cleaning them after each use.
  6. RiverKing

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    Yellow Spr
    You need a filter, also after you catch them, leave the lid of you tank open for about 45 minutes. It will let the amonia excape,and the shad wont get red nosed. I got a gray line tank, 30 gallon, with a 750 gph bilge, and an overflow stlye filter. If i keep the lid shut all night them shad will get red nosed, if i leave the lid open a while they wont. Also you shouldnt need ice in your tank, it should be insulated.
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    north carolina
    hey i sell shad and in the summer they r hard to keep my boys will not go to catch any till the water temp is around 60 during hot weather you need extra air as warm water does not have as much air as cold water i catch someto use but when it s warm the scales fall off faster and thats when they start to die in the winter can keep shad for 2 to 4 weeks herring last longer
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    North Carolina
    Be sure and use well water. city or county water has chlorine in it.:eek:oooh:
  9. Telly

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    Hi Bob...

    I've been looking into different livewell chemicals. What kinds of chemicals do you use and in you opinion what do these different chemicals actually do to the fish and/or to improve livewell water quality if anything?

    And do your bait catchers use any chemicals in their haul tanks?

    I read a post [testimonial] the other day; an old salt recommended using betadine disinfectant in the livewell water with baitfish. Betadine has a high iodine concentration and I question the validity of his recommendation because iodine is very toxic to fish which is factual. I didn't bring that up because he was very proud that the application of betadine was handed down from his grandfather to his father to him and I didn't want to challange his family tradition and beliefs.

    Your thoughts?
  10. hawgmaster

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    SE columbu
    all great points given here. the best thing i have found is a round bait tank (insulated) and a big bilge pump. this is because you want a current to be flowing in the tank due to the fact that shad swim in a circle. the bilge pumps works great also for the fact that shad does shed their scaled and without a filtering system the will intern "breath" in the scales which will also kill them. if you want the water to be colder then you can get those cold packs you freeze for lunchboxes this will also help keep your water colder to your liking. the product shad keeper (you can get at most bait store in columbus ohio) wors great to help. and yes if you are useing tap water i recomend the other product that was mentiond called keep alive. it is designed to remove those harmful chemicals in tapwater and also puts that protective slime coating on the fish. i hope this is all helpfull to you and anyone else reading this. be safe and tight lines to all!!
  11. Telly

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    Bait fish in a round tank swim the opposite direction when your south of the equator in the southern hemisphere. Which direction is your current in your bait tank? Might consider reversing it.