keeping livers colder, longer

Discussion in 'Catfishing Library' started by charlestoncatman, Aug 18, 2007.

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    in my experiance, colder or even frozen livers tend to stay on hooks longer. so what i do is freeze them, then i fill an ice chest with ice and water, but heres the important part, and salt or even garlic salt to the water...dont be bashful about it either! the salt lets the water get colder, and therefor keep your liver or anyother bait your might be using cold for a longer time, especially helpfull with those baits that arent quite so firm..i even had a buddy put his stinkbait in there too in the summer, but i dont ever use the stuff, but he said it helped to keep it from melting..give it a try...let me know how it worked for you...p.s. i got the idea from mythbusters, when they tested the fastest way to cool your i cant take all the credit..but
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    that works great to keep them cold but instead of chicken livers i use rooster livers they are tuffer and dont come off the line as easy?????