Keeping Hooks and Sinkers Dry and Organized

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by KansasKatter, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Here is a little tip I picked up somewhere along the line. Nothing is worse than getting a bunch of hooks wet, and they all rust up, or having sinkers spilled all over the bottom of your bucket or tackle box. What I have been doing for a long while is using left over medicine bottles to keep them in. I even ask for larger bottles when I get a prescription filled sometimes. A pill bottle can hold a LOT of hooks, and you can keep all the different styles and sizes seperated and organized. Same with sinkers.

    The best part is that even if you leave the box open in the rain, or it gets in the water somehow, everything stays dry, and where it is supposed to be. Keeps your lantern mantles and matches dry too! :smile2:
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    Those child-proof tops would have me as frustrated as a three legged dog trying to bury a turd on an icy lake.. (Oh, you heard that one..)

    I dumped a 44 OZ big gulp of Mt Dew in my tackle box on the last trip..
    Oops. :crazy:

    * I have got to clean the cooagulated goo off the hooks before the next trip..
    ~ Or should I???
    Maybe this is the secret catfishing trick? I will report my findings....