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    Here's a cheap ($20) set-up for keeping gills relatively stress free and alive if you are out on the lake for several hours catchen a bunch of them.
    1. Get one of those round, tall,(about 30 inches) hard plastic laundry baskets where the sides are full of holes or rectangular openings. You may have to look around a little because many of these have openings that are too large to hold some of the smaller gills, but they do make some that are just right.
    2. Attach a weight right in the bottom. Doesn't have to be too much, just a few ounces.
    3. Then get one of those foam swimming noodles or a small bicycle inner tube and ty-rap it around the top edge of the basket.
    4. Next get one of those plastic tubs with the two rope handles on the sides, 12 gallon size is perfect.

    Now when you find a good spot to fish, put the basket over the side of the boat and tie it. Only the top edge with the float will be above the water. As you catch the gills put them in the basket. They will not jump over the top because they all want to head for the bottom. The only way you will lose any is if you are careless when you are first putting them in.

    When you are ready to leave the lake or move to another spot, dip as much water as you can handle from the lake in the 12 gallon tub. Then slowly pull the basket full of fish out of the lake and set it in the tub of water. When you get to the new spot put the basket back in the lake and start over again. if you move again you can get fresh water in the tub if desired.
    This method keeps them in their own fresh water the entire time you are on the lake and until they are ready to go in some kind of bait tank. We have a bait tank in the truck so that's the first thing we do when we get back to the dock. We've caught 80 to 100 with this set-up and they stay as lively as the moment you caught them. Good Luck!
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    do you have any idea how much trouble i would be in if i did that? the old lady would rip me like 12 new ones!

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    This is a good idea, I think i'm build one. Thanks for idea.
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    why wolud she do that?? ive got a GOOD, perfectly working chest freezer in the basement, full of water, 2 air stones, and a pool pump, that is full of live bait.. also got anothe freezer that is plugged in, that i keep my frozen bait in.. you just have to convince them that whatever you NEED for fishing, is a good cause! i only had to sleep in the garage for 2 days after i filled one of our freezers with water!:smile2::smile2:

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    my wife loves our outdoor aquarium lol
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    Oh, Kyle forgot to mention that the freezers also second as a bed. Just add a mattress to the top of the freezer and you are set.:eek:oooh:
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    welcome to the B O that the wife in your ad var?if so , go ahead and try this fish basket,and show her, WHEN she gets upset, just tell her, honey at lest i did nt keep it from you, go a head i think you got a good shot :big_smile::smile2::smile2::smile2:
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    Sam sounds good to me ,i might have to fix me one of those ,thanks for the info