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Discussion in 'Carolina Catfish Club' started by Novice, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Novice

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    is there any one out there that can explain how to tie A big cat on A rope to keep it alive for way in. I think that what i saw was A hole in the lower jaw? if sow how big and what effect does this have on the cats. :confused2:
  2. ateamfisherman

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    PKersonally i think it would be better than trying to keep one alive in a small tank of water with not much oxygen in the water.thamks

  3. prostreetS10

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    i've heard to use a burlap sack that is big enough to hold the fish. you put it in the sack close it up and tie your rope sucurley to that. that way you are not doing anything harmful to the fish. then just put the fish in the water like u would on a stringer
  4. stumpjumper

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    I think the bag method should work very well. I was trying to figure out some methods to keep catfish alive for tournaments. Many of the BOC offered some great advice. I found a place online that sells 24x48" bags for $6. I purchased several for the tournament. As far as the lower jaw many folks also thread the fish on rope stringers and many tournaments also have restrictions on the size of the hole and the width of the tear. This concerns me, if they thrash too hard it could not only cause harm to the fish but also disqualify it for weigh-in. Some have large enough boats that they can have 100 gallon tanks to keep them alive in. I will let you know how the bags work.
  5. WylieCat

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    " there any one out there that can explain how to tie A big cat on A rope to keep it alive for way in. I think that what i saw was A hole in the lower jaw? if sow how big and what effect does this have on the cats..."

    You slit a very small hole in the bottom lip right behind the jaw. If you feel with your fingers you will find a small thin area there that you almost push a stringer through. The fish do very well and there is little bleeding.

    The burlap sack is not that good of an idea if you plan to release fish. The burlap material against the skin will rub off the slime and this can cause stress to the fish which can lead to death.
  6. south_va_fisherman

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    doesnt the fish need to be able to move a littl to get water through its gills? that would be hard in a sack. correct me if im wrong.
  7. Hootowlc3

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    When I was younger and fished from the bank, I always used a feed sack. It kept the snakes off the fish. I never did see any harm to the fish. When you take the fish out of the water, the sack stays wet and keeps the fish wet.
    Better than throwing the fish in the bottom of a dry boat.
  8. Fishin Freak

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    yup i use a gunny sack !! i have had some ol cats in the sack before that i had kept wet drove 2hrs home with them in the back of my truck got home and they were still barkin at me. I bought my last gunny sacks at Atwood's the farm and ranch supply store for 0.99 per sack. The ones i have are huge so no problem keeping bigger fish in the sacks.
  9. billfish76

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    I think that the sack idea is great for transporting catswithout a cooler, but we are releasing them after weight in. Like Wyliecat said the sack will take off the fish's slime hurting them. I like the one fish per stringer system then put them in a tank/cooler with running water to transport them to weight in or from spot to spot.
  10. martygreen

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    I have some pics and a little write up of my tank in the member library,it is by far the best way to go from what i have seen,especially for catch and release and releasing your fish after weigh in,have not had not one fish have problems with this setup,it has continuous circulation and aeration,yes the size is big,but i have mine on my pontoon,tank and hose and fittings all came from tractor supply,if you need one smaller for a smaller boat they do carry a variety of sizes,mine is the 110 gallon,i think they have them as small as 15 gallon,i have about $125 invested in mine,but i did add a few extra things,check it out,may be something you wanna try,i agree about the sacks taking the slime off of the fish also.this cant be good for the fish especially if they are gonna be released
  11. flatheadhunterx

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    If I have a large fish I use a wire stringer that has a plastic coating on it and is a little larger that 1/8 inch in dia. push it through the bottom jaw right behind the bottom lip. very rare does it increase the size of the hole in the lip. if the fish arent large 15 lb and under i use a large cooler. just cool the water down slow after fish is put in it add a little oxygen from bait tank and they are normally fine also the pure oxygen and the cooler water helps the fish to recover quicker after a hard battle.