keeping eels alive?

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  1. michaelgriffis

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    North Carolina
    I've got some eels that i didn't use last weekend, I was wondering how is the best way to to keep them alive? What to feed them? How long will they stay alive?
  2. Pier Pressure

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    I'm no eel expert by any means, but they are hard to kill. I still have 2 eels in my home bait tank from the middle of dec. that I brought back from a Chesapeake bay striper fishing trip. I think they munch on dead shad that I don't get to right away as food. They are healthy and have grown some even. If you put them in a bucket w/ice on the bottom and cover the ice w/a wet towel, just throw them in there a few mins. before using them alive. It slows them down enough to hook and they perk back up on the hook. Water changes and an bubbler will likely be all you need, at least that been my exp. (they have been in lightly salted water (Specific Gravity 1.010) the whole time).

    Good Luck, Jim

  3. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    just like any other fish. The hardest thing to do is keeping them in the tank.
  4. rivercatsc

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    Micheal they are fairly easy to keep alive but just as someone else said keeping in the tank is another thing. If you have less than a couple dozen just fill up the biggest cooler you have with water about 1/2 way and use a air pump for an aquarim from walmart and change the water evry week and dont feed them they can go up to 1 year without food. If you feed them much thaey will bring the ammonia levels up high in a huury and kill them. Good luck