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    Hey all,

    First post to the board! Awesome community :smile2:

    Anyways, what I'd like to know is - what do you do in this scenario

    You have to take a bus to the river. It's an hour ride. You stay overnight camping. You keep your keepers on a stringer in the river, and before you leave, you fillet them by the river side. Now how do you keep the fish fresh with no ice until you arrive home an hour later? I've read about insta-break icepacks, where you break them and then they get cold, but these were small ones upwards of $5. Rather not go that route.

    Thanks all for your help!
  2. Mr.T

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    Get a good cooler that will hold ice for several days and you won't have a problem.

    Fill it with ice and whatever drinks, food, etc. you need for the fishing trip - replace the food and drinks with fish fillets in zip-lock bags and away you go.

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    Justin welcome to the BOC! Get u a cooler it will keep fish fresh.
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    Welcome Justin.
    As others have said bring a cooler full of ice with you. I want to add one thing to that. Get a cooler with a drain plug in it. If you let the water drain out as the ice melts, the ice will stay colder and you will have ice longer.
    Good to see another Minnesota brother on board.
    Where are you fishing?
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    Welcome to the BOC from Missouri. What the others said.
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    Welcome to the BOC!

    I would add one thing to the cooler idea. If you are staying around for any length of time, then it is best to add some rock salt to the ice. This will pretty much freeze the fish and keep the fish frozen until you get home.

    Place the cleaned fish or filets in zip lock bags and put them on ice. When you dump the ice melt, take the fish out an dip it in fresh water, put it back in the bag and back on ice. The glaze will keep the fish fresh for quite some time; they'll be ready for the freezer when you get home!

    I found a compact hard side Igloo cooler at Dollar General for a great price. Its small enough that its not in the way, but large enough for drinks and filets. Its easy enough to tilt and drain the ice melt. You might want to check it out.