Keeping Bait Alive

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by Manny, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Manny

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    Arnold, Mo
    Went fishing in the ozarks this weekend and came into a cove with plenty of shad. After about A dozen throws i started to get lucky and netted probably 30 shad a throw. I put them directly into my live well and went for more. I got into a school of 6" shad and netted about a dozen after many attempts.
    Went to put them in the live well and the ones i cought just 20 min earlier were all dying.

    Whats the deal ? The bigger ones did make it for about an hour or so but not much longer then that.

    Is this common ?

    I was Bass fishing hoping to bring home live shad and put them in my Koi pond out back, for a catfishing trip.

    How do you guys keep them alive ? :embarassed:
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    Manny, if you figure out how to keep them alive for a long time, let the rest of us know...:big_smile:

    Seriously, they're tough to keep alive, especially with the summer heat. A buddy of mine pulls the plug on his live well and keeps the aerator running so he's constantly circulating fresh water through the well, both for aeration and to keep the shad-generated filth out of the water. Works well for him and the bait well I built for my boat works about the same way. I've kept them alive overnight and turned the leftovers loose in my pond the next morning (more for an experiment than because I think they'll actually flourish in there), but only with very frequent water changes, bottles of ice in the water to keep them cool, and not putting them in the well until almost dark and has cooled off considerably. I'm sure other guys will post good info on how to do it, but the bottom line is that they're very difficult to keep alive for a long period of time. Good Luck!


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    shad need to be kept in a round or oval baitwell they need to be able to swim in circles to survive.
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    There pretty hard to keep in a live well Manny in the summer heat. I would try adding less, probably only a dozen or so if using a live well. Doubt they will live in your koi pond anyway.
    I suggest a gray line or creek bank bait tank. Keep some frozen water bottles on hand to add to the tank to keep the water cool. These tanks arent cheap but you get what you pay for and being able to keep lively shad is worth it to me.
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    I also appreciate the tips thank you

    STICKBENDER New Member

    adding salt also helps to reduce srtress and will improve your sucess in keeping alive.
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    i have a grayline bait tank kind of pricey but does the job most all bait tanks co. will tell you one shad per gallon i have a 30 gal and will not put more than 30 in the tank if you put big shad in 10 to 12 in. i will only put 15 in and i usually have no prob keeping shad alive also you need to bring the water temp down at least 10 degrees to the temp of the water you catch them out of