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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by justwannano, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. justwannano

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    SE Iowa
    So OK time to give up some secrets.
    How do you keep your live bait live.
    I don't have any particular problem with night crawlers. An old milk box works just fine. Some worm bedding from wal mart and I'm good for a couple of months at least.
    Depends on the outside temp.
    What I do have problems with is minnows.A five gallon bucket, an aquarium bubbler and I'm good for almost a week. Notice I said almost. Just when the new weekend starts the minners die.I even changed the water.
    I had some beauties caught in the creek behind the house.All dead come sat morn,
    So OK I need some help here.
  2. PhillyCatcatcher4

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    What I found out a few years ago is you can set up an aquarium,at least 10,or 20gallons as if it were for regular fish(pets)fill it up with creekwater or same water where you get your bait.Hookup a power filter,and add some gravel.Your bait minnows,bluegills etc. should stay alive as if they were your pets.I have had shiners last for months at a time,and rarely does any of my caught & kept bait die on me.Try it out.You can get a 10 gal.tank for less than $20.00 just about anywhere.:wink:

  3. Smuggo

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    Don't overcrowd, the more baits you keep the more oxygen they will need,you can get a small aerator pretty cheap. filter and/or change as needed. When I buy live baits the baitshop they will offer some conditioned water from the storage tanks to put in my livewell. Dunno what the water is treated with but it prolly helps with keeping them from getting overly stressed and increasing liveability.

    I agree with Phillys post on aquariums. I met an older man once that kept saltwater mud minnows in aquariums for bait. He said he learned by watching the fish in the aquariums he could tell if the fish were biting. If the minnows were up and active in the aquarium the fishing was good...if they were inactive hugging the bottom or bunched up in a corner he would not even try to fish...
  4. riverdawg-1

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    salem, va
    I use a 120 qt. cooler nto keep bait, bluegills and bullheads. I have an aquirium filter and a 12" bubble stone and they stay alive for as long as i keep them. I think the cooler helps keep temps down. I also keep it in the basement where its cooler.
  5. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    if you change the water, make sure you use water from where you caught your bait. if you use tap water, it will probably kill them pretty quick. alot of tap water has chlorine and other chemicals in it that will kill them fast. you also might want to get a bigger container. you can get a 25 gallon tub from walmart for around 10 bucks. i use one of these and put about 15 to 20 bluegill in it and they will keep for about 2 weeks as long as i change the water about eery 3 days and keep it aerated.
  6. bigcatmaniac

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    Ok, I use just a plain old metal stock tank that i have had around the house here for some time, fill it up and change the water about every week (using well water) and i have creek chubs(minnows), bluegill, black perch, bullheads, crawdads, large shiners, gold fish, and even a small flathead in there from the beginning of june. i leave the tank covered (clear cover) outside partially in the shade. I use an aerator that you can get from catfish connection that costs around $20 and it plugs into a 110v outlet. I am attempting to make a tank that i can successfully keep shad alive in. If i achieve this goal i will be sure to share it on here.
  7. BKS72

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    I use an old chest freezer that I keep in the garage where it's cool. I use tap water to fill it, but you have to add chlorine neutralizer from a pet store or pet aisle at Wal-Mart or the chlorine'll kill the fish. I put in one of those little pond pumps from Lowe's and a 100 gallon power filter from Ebay for aeration and cleaning. I've kept a couple of dozen shad and bluegill alive for a week with it. Main things are to keep the water cool, clean, and aerated. This may silly, but do you feed your minnows at all? Might just be the little fellers starve to death after a week.......Pinch of fish flakes might help out....
  8. drews0311

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    i used to to keep bullheads and blue gill in a 50 gallon stock tank in my basement. all i did was pump well water in the tank and use a airator from a house hold fish tank. my bullheads lived all winter in my basment, by the time summer came they were to big to fish with. i never changed my water just filtered it out. changing water shocks the fish. all you need to do is keep the tank in your basment.

    also i found that if your fishing for bait, bend or break the barb off of your hook. you may miss a few fish but this way you dont damage the fish. bending the barb lets you remove the hook easily. if any of your fish are bleeding or got hooked in the gut dont bother puting them in your tank.
  9. baitshop 2

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    the one guy was correct in the conditioned water with better bait works great the bait store you get you minnows from will probaly sale it to you i sell it in my shop also add a little rock salt to when you change water and a clorine killer also fix water the day befor and let it sit same place your minnows are so it will get to same temp and not shock them this will kill them also. and dont let them get over 75 degrees they will start gdieing at 80 to 85 ....hope this helps chris:wink:
  10. poisonpits

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    i see where you are catching your bait from a creek behind your you a cage from screen wire or 1/4 in rabbit wire and just leave it in the creek.thats what i do.