Keep your dog in your Pickup bed?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Phil Washburn, Jun 20, 2008.

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    i like to take my dogs when i go fishing or camping, but it isn't always easy. One of our sponsors, Tite-lok, has a sale on some really decent dog ties. altho they don't say it in their ads, these are good for keeping dogs if you can't afford a collapsible pen for your truck.

    please allow me to tell you a true story and i am confident you will appreciate the dog stays that titelok is selling.

    when i was racing stock cars a few years ago, my brother went to an out of state track with a couple of his fellow racers. now, when you are low buck like me and my bro, you have a pickup loaded down with all your racing treasures (spare tires, parts, and tools) and the race car on the trailer behind. well, it goes without saying, when you park that dude in the motel parking lot it is VERY vulnerable to local punks and thieves. well, Johnny (my brother) was in a motel out of state for a money event and his buddy was there too. his friend brought along his pit bull for security. when they sacked out, his buddy tied the dog in the pickup bed to keep a watchful eye on all things near and dear to a racer.

    now this is not a pleasant ending....i can't sugar coat it, nor do i think i should. pet owners have their pets lives in their hands, and should think, think, think about that.

    the pits owner had too much rope when he tied the dog in the truck. somewhere in the nite, something or someone made that dog lunge over the side of the bed. he had just enough rope to let him jump over, but not enough to let his feet touch the ground on the other side..........Johnny told me it was one of the most horrific sights he has ever seen. the rope around the dogs neck kept him from barking. Johnny said the claws marks on the side of the bed almost went thru the metal where that dog was trying to climb back in. can you imagine? coming out to a nice sunrise and seeing your dog hanging lifeless over the side of your truck? i can't:embarassed: that happened 25 years ago, and altho i didn't witness it firsthand, i will never forget it.
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    I seen that before. I went outside early in the morning one day and found my neighbors dog hanging on the fence. it had enough rope to go over it. but, not enough to touch the ground. also one time i came home from work when i had a litter of black german shepard pups. it was late winter. still just above freezing. 3 of the pups were in a 5 gallon bucket of water and could'nt get out. 2 were dead, and one was so lifeless and cold it died later. I felt so bad about that. I had thought about it a day or 2 earlier too, I just thought they were still too small to climb in it. honestly it took me awhile to get over that. If they were out and got hit by a car, died from disease, anything else would'nt have bothered me so much. but I put the bucket there, I filled it with water. it must have been several hours of torture before they expired..

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    I don't haul Bo in the back of the truck. He has that small seat behind me.

    Now granted a few times I have wanted him to ride in the back, because he stunk bad. Yesterday he got in the neighbors pond/green slime hole, he was bad. lol

    A month ago he found a skunk at my nephews, boy I was ready to strap him in the back. I had to ride with the windows down and my eyes were watering, till I got his big dumb butt in the bath tub. Gosh that was a long rough ride home.

    Another thing with dogs you have to watch what you leave around the garage. They will drink anti freeze in a heartbeat, and they are dead.

    Years ago, I bought a couple fancy Polish Chickens , 4 H /kid raised ones for 11 dollars apiece. And this one dumb one stuck her head in a bucket of oil by the shop. Those kids had spoiled those chickens so much, they did not even know how to live as a chicken. LOL They both ended up killing them selves. lol lol

    Moral of Story,Watch Out For Your Animals
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    I gave a guy a dog that he kept tied on the deck when he was at work, he came home to the dog hanging over the railing because the lead was to long.
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    Well, I do haul my four dogs (three golden retrievers, one chow mix) in the back of my truck. They're all experienced at riding like this, and the younger dogs learned from the older ones.

    However, when my nine year old golden was about one and rode for the first time (which was by himself) we made it to the end of the driveway.....I felt him jump out. Scared me to death, but the leash was long enough that he was standing on the ground. Shortly thereafter his dad came to visit his mom again :wink:. When we took Daddy Jake home a couple days later, I put Sweet in with him for the 20 mile trip. Jake had always ridden in the back of his owner's truck and was a big sturdy dog too. After that Sweet was fine, and never jumped out again.

    As far as leaving a dog UNSUPERVISED in a truck bed, tied behind a fence, on a deck or ANYWHERE I find it hard to believe people don't have more sense. At least measure the restraint they are attached to to make sure if there is a reason they jump, they won't end up dead :angry:.

    I am considering buying two of the Tite-Lok restraints myself. Julie put 'em on sale for $10 and you really can't beat that price. Even though, as I said, my canines are experienced truck riders at this point, I have two that insist on standing up on the sides of the bed when we stop. Plus, if I carry all four of mine at once and attach them at the corners with leashes I'm still forced to tie knots in the leashes to keep them from getting all tangled together. So, in the event somebody DID jump out, we could have a choking situation.

    Looks like a very useful and safety oriented product Tite-Lok has there.

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    un fourtunatly i seen one simmiliar.

    when i was young i got a pup. tied him by the dog house next to the wood pile. he was doing great till july 4th. the fireworks apparently scared him so bad he climbed the wood and jumped over the fence. who would have thought. poor lil guy was hanging there over a pile of ,, you get the idea. i was heartbroke. and i learned a lesson. the hard way.:sad2:
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    At they sell a do restaint system for the back of your truck. It straps across from one side to the other with enough length for him to go to one side or the other but not jump out. You have to use the body harness type of coller system for it to work. I bought a restraint system for him to ride up front with me. it also hooks through the body harness. In the winter I use a doggie kennel to hall him in after we duck hunt ,its full of cedar chips and straw. He is retired from duck hunting now,and only rides up front with his daddy!!!!!!!!:wink:
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    I have a dog that loves to ride. She will ride anything I get in or on. She is so smart I can tell her what I am gonna get in or on and she will go to it to get to ride too but, I am afraid to take her fishing with me cause she is extremely overprotective and I'm afraid she might bite someone. This saddens me cause I would love to take her with me and I know she would love to go.