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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by flathead willie, May 5, 2006.

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    I just happened to think, I haven't seen too much discussion here about TRASH. I know most of the dedicated fishermen that come to this site have enough respect for the water and the land around it not to trash it up. However, every time I go to the river, ( or Lake), I see trash that some fisherman, no SLOB, left behind. My canoeing/ kyaking friends started something about 15 years ago that really helps. Every time we go on the water, wether it's fishing or just floating, we take a garbage bag along. (One per boat.) Usually there are several of us running the river or fishing together. Whoever collects the LEAST amount of trash that day, has to haul ALL of it home to dispose of it properly. Our local canoe club even had a TRASH DERBY where prizes were awarded for the most trash brought back to the take out. We figure if enough of us haul out our trash PLUS someone elses, things will be a lot cleaner and prettier where we fish. Now if all of the people that come to this site do it.....just think what a difference we'll make!
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    "TRASH DERBY" I like that I'm going to talk to a friend of mine that is the president of a fairly large fishing club and see if we can get something organized here in the middle Tennessee area...

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    I follow the leave no trace policy... pack it in pack it out, take only pictures leave only foot prints... When it comes to trash esp if i bring a bucket down to the river to hold bait... once im done, if there's still light enough to see where im walking i'll pick up any and all trash i can... its really horrible to see how bad people have become... When ever i have fishing line, trash, etc... even if its in a house or something it just goes in my pocket till i can find an appropriate spot to put it... (usually the trash can in my room at the end of the day before i go to sleep and boy is that a big can)...

    That Trash Derby is a good idea, i'm going to talk to a bunch of my friends who have boats and see if any of their friends w/ boats can help and just do something like that down on the potomac (which REALLLLLLLY needs it) or any of a couple other places i know don't get cleaned and can have loads of trash just laying around... I may even just get some of my buddies and i to go to the shorelines of a Community resivior and just walk the trails along the park and do the same.

    Willie- GOOD JOB on being considerate of the enviroment... i wish more anglers were as good as you about it...
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    Flarhead brother i know and have seen most of what your talking about. Im glad your a true brother and do that. you have my respect and always will. i always try to leave the spot i fish cleaner then i found it.

    Brother your one of a very few thanks for doing all you do.
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    Walter Flack
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    I belong to a lake club and we have a similiar one. Even tho the lake is private there is still lots of trash. Our new Pres stated that he will begin asking members to leave if they cant pick up after themselves. I teach my son to take some home every time we fish. Sadly our trash sacks always weigh more that the total creel each time.