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I was just wondering if any of you guys with semi v hull jons use any type of keep guard, keep shield, or other type of keep protection on your boats? I have an 8ft shield that I won the auction on last year. i was going to put it on our deck boat but we are considering putting the deck boat up for sale and I don't want to put anything extra on it until we decide. Beside I can always get another shield for the deck boat if we keep it.
Is it worth the effort to put the shield on a jon boat. I have looked at the front of this boat and it looks like it will be a major pain to put the shield down the keel of this Lowe jon boat.:angry: I have put several of these type of protectors on boats in the past. This one looks like it will be as hard or worse than any I have ever done.
I was just wanting some opinions on keel protection on jon boats. I do beach my boats a lot because I fish a lot by myself. Plus I have to beach a lot for the wife and kids when they need off the boat for that moment of relief.:smile2::eek:oooh::roll_eyes::feel_good:

The second part of my question is why. I guess that would be more like why would you not use one on a semi v. I guess I am just trying to talk myself out of the work involved in installing this darn thing. They are murder on my hands.:confuse:

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