KDFWR Enforcement Action This Weekend

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  1. Capn Crunch

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    I'm not sure how many of you check the Fish and Wildlife website, so I wanted to mention this. Be careful this weekend, y'all.

    Taken from: http://fw.ky.gov/newsrelease.asp?nid=565

    Jun 19, 2009
    Frankfort, Ky. – Conservation officers with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will join a nationwide campaign to stop boating under the influence June 26-28. Operation Dry Water, a campaign coordinated by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, will increase law enforcement presence on the water to prevent alcohol-related boating incidents and fatalities. At least 47 states are slated to participate. Officers will be out in full force throughout the weekend on Kentucky’s lakes and rivers.

    “Kentucky ranks 28th in the country for the number of registered boats, but our alcohol-related fatality rate is higher than a lot of the biggest boating states,” said Sgt. John Anderson, boating education coordinator for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. “So we have a lot of room for improvement.”

    Drinking alcohol on Kentucky waters is illegal, both for boat operators and their passengers. Alcohol can impair judgment, vision, balance and reaction time. It can increase the effects of “boater’s fatigue,” a condition caused by sun, wind, noise and the boat’s vibration.

    Kentucky’s boating incident statistics are sobering. While 21 percent of boating fatalities nationwide were a result of alcohol use in 2007, Kentucky’s alcohol-related boating fatalities totaled about 50 percent that year.

    “This is a national concern. It’s not just Kentucky,” Anderson said. “Our goal is no fatalities on the water, and one of the ways to reach that goal is strong alcohol enforcement.”

    Kentucky boaters can expect special law enforcement details at many of the state’s lakes and rivers. Boaters whose blood alcohol content levels exceed the national limit of .08 percent can expect a citation and possible jail time.

    “We will have every available officer on the water June 26-28,” said Col. Robert Milligan, director of Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s law enforcement division. “Officers will have zero tolerance for impaired boaters.”

    As the boating season approaches its busiest time, many boaters visit Kentucky waters from out of state.

    “We invite boaters from outside Kentucky,” said Anderson. “Our position is that taking a strong stance on alcohol makes Kentucky a safer place to boat. We’re encouraging tourism.”

    Officers will also make routine checks of required boating safety equipment such as life jackets and fire extinguishers. Boaters should check the 2009 Kentucky Fishing & Boating Guide to be sure they meet all safety requirements. The guide is available online at fw.ky.gov and wherever fishing licenses are sold.

    “I fully support our officers’ involvement in Operation Dry Water,” said Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Jon Gassett. “Boating under the influence is a serious threat to everyone’s safety and enjoyment on the water. Increased law enforcement presence will save lives and ease the minds of responsible, safe boaters throughout the Commonwealth.”
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    I see this as good news. They need to get those who are drinking and breaking the law off of the water.

  3. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    Thats great news! Alcohol & boating have no business together. I rarely drink anyway but never drink while out on the water.
  4. drpepper

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    yeah they're doing that here too.... seems counter-productive to advertise if they're wanting to catch criminals.... :roll_eyes:
  5. Capn Crunch

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    Oh Bill.....you give people WAY too much credit. There will be a LOT of people (including many who heard about this beforehand) who will get tickets. Between this weekend and the major presence they always run on the weekend of the Fourth, they'll catch a lot of idiots. I think they're counting on this weekend to set a precedent and get people thinking twice next weekend. Sadly, there will still be a lot of idiots out there drunk on the Fourth. Once-a-year boaters will be out in droves. You'll have people who rarely boat, in waters packed to four times or more their normal population of boaters and swimmers, and add alcohol in and way too many people will be hurt.

    Personally, I've seen the CO's let WAY too much go on (especially on Lake Cumberland) week after week. You can't fix the kind of stupidity that breeds with a few weekends a year of enhanced presence. You need the CO's that are there every day to be enforcing the laws to notice a real difference.

    Having said that, if the enhanced enforcement saves just one life or keeps one person from getting mauled by a prop over the next two weekends, it's worth every dollar and more.
  6. katfish ken

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    Being retired has its advantages. I don't drink and don't like to be on the water with those that do. I try to fish through the week so I can miss a lot of those Idiots.
  7. brinley45cal

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    oh im sure they will catch plenty if they actually go through with it cause the fish and wildlife rarely do anything else or enforce anything else here so if they do it there will be alot of surprised people.
  8. shanelures

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    well if there drinking and making the water unsafe for others they need to be caught. the drunks are usually the incosiderate boaters anyway imo. be safe, shane
  9. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    i think that this is a good thing, i like to drink a few beers and relax while im fishing. however i am always fishing from the bank when i do, and have a DD if i think we may drink one to many. the thing is a few bad apples spoil it for those of us that like to be responsible and have a good time without spoiling other people.

    just to emphasise because of this blogs trend, i don't BUI or DUI.

    safe boating and good fishing to everyone.