kaw river at edwardsville ramp (9th and woodend rd)

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  1. dolphinswmmr

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    I just bought a 14' aluminum v bottom boat. I was wandering if anyone can tell me how big of a motor I will need to navigate the Kaw river. I know there is a ramp in Edwardsville that I bank fish from. I'm not sure how strong the current is so I don't know what size motor I will need for my boat. I appreciate any help. Thanks.
  2. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    If you are just worried about getting upstream on the Kaw, even a small motor like a 5hp will do the trick. I'd recommend something bigger though, maybe around 25-40hp, in order for the boat to get up on plane and run efficiently. One caveat, though... the Kaw above the 435 dam is very shallow, and there are lots of submerged hazards. I would never run a boat at high speed up there unless I was very familiar with the section of river. So if you ONLY plan to run the Kaw from the Woodend ramp and above, even 25 might be overkill, but you will sure appreciate it on the lower Kaw, the Missouri River, or any lakes you might put in on.

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    I've got a heavy 16' Jon with a 25hp Yamaha on it and wouldn't want any more than that up here around Lawrence. Like Gary said, lots of shallow water and the sand and stumps are hard on the lower unit. A nice Mercury 20 would be a good fit for the water you are talking about.............you don't get very far upstream of that ramp before the water gets real skinny.