Kaw lake up and running

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    The Corps had posted that they were hoping to open Sarge creek ramp by this coming weekend. My fishing had really been bad since I had not been able to fish the Arkansas for the last month or so. I wanted to go over there and fish as soon as possible so last night I made the drive to check on their progress. I was surprised to see that it was open and boats could be launched. The lake is really high but the water was looking good. I could see the high water marks on the trees and it looks like it had been several feet deep in the parking lot. I talked to a feller that had been out on the water with a jet ski and he said the lake was clear of debri. So put me down for this week=end.
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    The cats had been hitting yellow grasshoppers up at Trader's Bend a week ago but the fish have migrated down river it seems. You might try around Coon Creek with jugs and grasshoppers. Let me know if you do.

    catman george