Kaw Lake Report

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  1. catman george

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    The kitties are being caught on Kaw in 5' of water. They are chasing 1" shad. 3 days ago some people caught 41 at daylight then yesterday some guys caught 31 above Coon Creek.
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    I was at kaw all weekend camping. We stayed at sarge creek outside kaw city. They was having there annual kaw festival. What a firework show and a bunch of boats! I pretty much stayed in that same cove while I was fishing. I only caught 6, 4-6" shad. They caught the bigger channels. When I could not get bigger bait I just joaded one hook with 4 1" shad and it seemed to be effective with the 1lb blues. I did not fish the whole time but if I did I would have had a lot more fish in the freezer. I think I caught at least 12 messing around. I used my brother in law boat and left mine out of water. Next time I putting it in and gonna fish more.