Kaw Lake info PLEASE?

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  1. Bigfish18

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    Wichita, Kansas
    I live in Wichita and I have been thinking about fishin the lake or river just above it. I was wondering how big the blues are, and any info on the best tactics to catch em. Is the Lake a good bet for flatheads or do I need to fish the river. Are there any good logjams around Traders Bend.

    Any info would help.

  2. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Cody, I would recommend you patiently watch this thread until you see a post from Catfishcentral or Catman George. They are the most knowledgeable I know of that area. Used to be a young lady on here that fished the Arkansas below Kaw... wonder whatever happened to her... if she comes around, she is pretty authoritative about that area also...

  3. catman george

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    Cody- Kaw Lake has blues to 50 Pounds and probably bigger. Yes, Trader's Bend has log jams. Your blues will average 4-10 pounds with a few bigger sprinkled in. Coon Creek area around the campground has been good. We use jugs set at 10-12' and use cut shad. There are some flatties at Coon Creek as well. The sandies are big and plentiful as well as the crappie. The area around the dam has lots of willows.They get submerged in the Spring sometimes and are good or channels and blues on limblines. Good luck.

    catman george
  4. shadmaster

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    Went over to Kaw a few days ago. I had heard the report of the Blues being up on the flats. I couldn't buy a bite. Didn't see any activity in the area. The shad and gulls were gathered up around the water tower area. Again no hits and nothing showing on sonar except the shad. Got there before daylight and left at dark. It might have been a pressure thing because the forecast was for a cold front to be coming in that night. Sure was windy and rough water.
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    Cody, I fish below the dam a lot at kaw. If they are running water the channel and blue bite good. If not, fish next to the dam, off the wall, (east side) with shad and there are some good flatties and blue. Lotz of crappie in the rocks east side...

    Stripers are good when the water is running too. There is a Phone # to get a recording on water release.
    580-765-9573 If they are running 5000 or more your good to go. Hope this helps.