Kaw Dam Snagging

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by catfishcentral, Mar 29, 2008.

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    I took my father in law to Kaw today in hopes of putting him on his first spoonbill. We snagged by boat for about 4 hours today and only got one spoonbill to show for it. I got a 45 pounder about a hour into snagging but that was it. There was probably 40 to 50 snaggers on the shore and three other boats on the water. I only saw 6 other spoonbill caught today. It was still a fun day, didn't mark very many fish on the graph today. Hopefully with some more water flow soon they make it over those low water areas downstream. The other fish I did see caught today, I didn't see any over 35 pounds. Father in law took some pics but I can't upload them until he sends them to me....will post them in a few days.
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    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    I was up there two weekends ago with a friend and fished from the bank. We snagged 10 paddlefish. I took a 45 # and got 65#. And we were done at 10:30. He went back up the following weekend and he got hooked up to 9 more and finally kept a 55 pounder. No water was running except for the generator. Fishing from the boat scares me when there are lot of bank fisherman with all the weights flying. Well with the new storm coming through tonight maybe we get a lot of rain and they will let out some water. Problem is they will probably let it out during the week at night, LOL.