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Hope all comes out O.K. for y'all down there.I've got relatives all over south Fl. and have had big phone bills the last few years checking with them every few months.

Stay safe and dry
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lol. ive got some relatives down there too. It looks like it will come close to me here in the panhandle too.
Thanks for the well wishes guys, we were lucky this time, the poor folks down in Maimi are pretty wet tho, I really feel sorry for them.

Hope everybody around the panhandle and Lousiana get lucky and it is a fast movin one.

Here in central Florida, we're still tryin to clean up from the 3 last year. And with all the rain we have had, we are actually pumping out lakes to try to save lakefront houses, and loosin.

How do they say it, when it rains it pours.

It sure makes for some great fishin tho.
I sure hope the folks in the south Louisiana do all they can to avoid this one.

Be safe my friends, move a little north. With the strength of this one, I'd recommend Wisconson would be a safe bet.
From the projected pattern of Katrina, it looks like us here in Arkansas will get some fallout from this.

Also our friend, John Smith(Maine) who lives in Winona, Miss, will be getting some as well.

Lets hope their wrong.
It looks like its gonna be a bad one, its a high cat 5.

Take it from one who knows, if you are in the path, and you live in a mobile home, or are concerned about your house, LEAVE, head north and stop when the hurrican has pooped out, then come back.

If you are going to try to stick it out, make sure you have camping, cooking, and medical supplies, enough for a few days. Water is esential, and if you can stock up on Ice, and Fuel.

Don't forget about your pets, they will need esentials also, of course this is proly all over the news up there anyway listen to the radio and heed their warnings.

If you keep your boat on a trailer outside, let the air out of the tires and fill it half full of water, then anchor the tongue down.

If you can move it even just a little, then it should be put inside somewhere or tied down, cover your windows with plywood, and be prepared, 175 mph winds are nuthin compared to the tornados that are in the storm cells.

Good luck and may God Bless Yall.
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katrina will probably still be a category 1 hurricane when it gets to winona
im getting hit by katrina now over here in the panhandle. not bad just some wind and rain here.
I send my hope that all will be well with all folks and their families in the path of this storm.

We're all pullin for ya up here in "yankeeville"!

I just got off the phone from talkin with Johnny Smith (Maine) on his cell phone. He said he had been without power since 1:30 today so that was 8 hours ago. He said they were having wind gusts around 60+ MPH and had had about 4 inches of rain so far he guessed at. So this ole Storm is moving North pretty fast now.

Just an update to post:

Just wanted to send out prayers for you all, stay safe and dry! :)
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