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    Mannford. Oklah
    Had an experience today that I just had to tell you about.
    My son Dustin and I went fishing on a little side slough on the Arkansas River behind the Jenks soccer fields.
    We'd caught some perch and went there hoping for a flattie or two.
    I had a 3" perch under the Katbobber and had a couple of "runs" by the perch. As we sat there watching the flowers grow, I noticed a turtle about 8-9 inches in diameter on the far bank (about 30 feet away).
    This turtle dove into the water and made a beeline for the Katbobber.
    I figured it had spotted the perch underneath but NO. It swan straight to the Katbobber and proceeded to "nudge" that thing all over the water.
    It would hit the bobber with its head over and over and as the bobber would float away, the turtle would give chase and nudge it again.
    We watched this for almost 10 minutes. I would have given anything to have a video camera!! I finally just reeled it in to give the poor turtle a rest!!
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    Ain't that the way it always goes? You experience something worth preserving and no camera. Bet that was cool watching that turtle.:big_smile:
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