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I have had a few people send messages asking how my blue cat research is going so far so I thought would post an update.

It has taken some time to learn the river and how to effectively catch blues. The kansas river is well known for being difficult to navigate and blue catfish are known to be difficult to sample in rivers using gear commonly used in the fisheries field (mainly shocking). This means that we have had a steep learning curve and have had to throw convention out the window and use gears that are relatively taboo in the professional landscape, like bank poles, setlines and trotlines. We have been able to tag 55 fish using all the gear previously mentioned as well as tagging 46 fish at the Kaw point fishing tournament in June. So far we have had 3 recaptured and hope to have more in the following weeks.

With the water levels being high we are able to access parts of the river we have been unable to reach but our catch rates are not nearly as good.

Feel free to ask questions and I'll respond on the thread or in person.
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