Kansas City Sport Show

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by Willy, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Willy

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    There is gonna be some Catfishing Seminars at the sport show again and John Jamison has some new stuff to talk about. There has been some new growth studies on catfish and some other catfish info to pass along. No he will not be giving out any spots to go fish but if ya listen to what he has to say you can learn some on your own.I think his seminars are on the 13th and 14th of January and the times I do not know yet. Hope to have some tournament flyers to pass out on the local qualifying tournaments also.I spent most of today getting things lined up for St Joseph in May and hope to make it a good one to fish. I am doing it from a fishermans perspective as how I want to set it up and make it easy to get in and weigh in and park so as not fight the crowd of people that I hope show up to see the fish that were caught.I am gonna promote the crap out of it as I want the tournament to be a yearly deal and up there is a alot of catfisherman and have had good tournaments in the past. This one will be the best ever put on I hope.If all the things I have gotten promised today come true it will be a blast. Just have to wait and see. Will post when I get a more firm commitment from some local sponsors in the next couple of weeks.
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    I'll see you at the show, and if it's the St. Joe tournament you're talking about I'll be there!

  3. Mr.T

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    I'm sure I'll be at the outdoor show as well. And maybe I'll fish St. Joe if I can find a partner...