Kansas City/Sibley area

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  1. JoeFriday

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    Indep. missouri
    I fish the missouri river mostly in the kansas city/Indep/Sibley area...Looking for a fishing buddy. I always just catch and take a picture and then release that way the fish will get bigger for when i come back for them.Ive fished the river alot from the bank, never had much luck but from what i read i was never really using the right stuff. I dont have any requirments for a fishing buddy but id sure like someone who could maybe show me what all things i do wrong. Thanks Nick.
  2. BKS72

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    East of KC
    Nick, I fish the Lexington/Cooley Lake area a lot. Always room in the boat if you want to go. I fish days till about mid April or whenever it starts to get hot, then I'm pretty much nocturnal till the fall.

    Just drop me a line any time you want to go, I'm generally out Friday and Saturday nights the entire summer unless it's storming. Take it easy,


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    I dont live far from indepen. and i have been wanting to fish try fishing the big rivers. I don't have any experience on them but i have been reading up on it and getting all the info from the BOC that I can. I dont mind fishing from the bank but i have a nice river jon we could use also. I fish almost everyday from march till deer season, maybe we can get together and try to catch some monsters.