Kansas City Flood of 1951: Now that's some high water!

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    Saw a photo gallery on the Kansas City Star website about the great flood of 1951 and went searching for some better shots to illustrate how bad it was.

    Take a look here: http://ks.water.usgs.gov/waterwatch/flood/fld51.photos.html#HDR04 That's pretty amazing, I must say!

    My grandpa worked at Colgate-Palmolive back then, as a mechanic in a huge warehouse. They hoisted all their toolboxes up to the rafters to try to save them and when they came back the rafters also had dead cattle from the stockyards lodged in them.
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    I remember that flood well, our farm is on the Kansas river upstream from Manhattan. We had water over the eves of the house, it stayed in the house 10 days. we still own the farm and the house still is lived in today.My grand dad bought the farm in 1904 and it flooded in 1915,1935,1951 and 1993 along with several others that just filled the basement.

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    We moved to Independence in 1951. I was 4 yrs old and remember seeing the flood in the Shefield area. Pretty astonishing for a 4 yr old.
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    Another amazing thing is that it was very much a Kansas River flood, the Missouri River above KC was pretty close to normal level. Take all the water from the '93 flood, put it on the Kansas River, and that is what we had in '51.

    And as much water as we had on the Kansas in '51, even more ran down the Marais De Cygnes and Neosho Rivers. If that precipitation had centered about 100 miles further north, the flood at KC would have been tremendously worse.
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    I work at the PQ plant across the street from the former Colgate-Palmolive plant, and we keep a plant history book in the main office that shows the control room I sit in now as being completely under water. The pics it shows in there are very impressive and a good reminder of whose actually in charge when it comes to weather and just how powerless we as the human race can be.