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Kansas City fishing

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Anyone here fish the Missouri River near Kansas City? If so how are you doing? We need to set up a date and time to get together and have a fishing party. Let me know what you all think.

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Yeah I fish the missouri in KC. I fish it about 2-3 times a week when i'm not on call.
Never been on the Missouri but would sure like to give it a try sometime. Not brave enough to go by myself the first time!
It's a good idea to go with someone till you get used to the currents on the river. I fish the river alot and every once in a while I'll fish a lake, the difference is amazing when you don't have to compensate for current. Gas mileage is way, way different too.
Aint that the truth my gas milage sucks on the river.. can go all day in a lake and hardly use any. MR.T I'm going to have to agree with Brian. Go with someone a couple times first on the river. That way you can learn to boat the river. Learn what the bouys mean and the channel marker signs. The first time you ever put your boat back on the trailer you learn how messed up it is when you come in at a crazy angle. It's all fun though. Would not trade it for anything.
I fish the mo river in riverside. we like to fish a wing **** there, haven't had much luck there yet, but some day
If you are talking about the one in the park I've caught quite a few channels off of livers covered in garlic salt. The backside of the wing **** and that little channeled area up river of it have produced the best results for me.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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