kankakee river

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  1. michael7140

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    anybody fishing the kankakee river out there. I was there 3 weeks ago
    and the water temp. was 42 degrees. I did not get one bite that day.
    I was fishing below the dam in kankakee.If anybody is catching catfish,what are you using for bait?
  2. Mickey

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    Michael Welcome to the BOC, from the southern part of the state. If you can find some shad guts give them a try. Good bait right now.:0a18::0a25::0a25:

  3. catfisherman369

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    Nashville Il.
    Michael Welcome to the BOC . I fished there long ago and never did to great .
  4. leutherv

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    I've been fishing the Kankakee on and off for awhile, am still trying to figure it out. There are some big Channel cats in this river, there are flatheads if you fish below Willmington Dam to were it enters the Des Plaines river. However I wouldn't eat many fish out of this section because some of them are coming out of the Des Plaines. I've had some luck from shore in the Des Plaines conservation area. Below any of the Dam's are good if it isn't too crowded. A lot of people catch the larger cat's drfting large minows under a float, or just plain hamberger believe it or not. Helgramites are very good if you can get them. I've also had luck with Sonn's super sticky, and chicken livers is always a good standbye if you can get it to stay on the hook. It's a very good catfishing river if you take the time to learn it. I'm finding the people who have found some hot spots generally keep their mouths shut. Good luck.

  5. mouth breather

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    I live close by but I have not had any luck (tried court st & 17). I caught some carp and saw an elderly man catch an #8 and a #17 carp within about 30 min. I have heard people catching nice cats under the dam but be careful, that area can get kind of rough after dark.:crazy:
    I took a friend to Braidwood and caught tons of little dinks, that made for a fun day.:roll_eyes: I am sure there has to be some big ones in there.
  6. trollrap

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    northern illino
    fished near momence last weekend. my buddy caught a 20" channel on a liver. he was not even paying attention! I was fishing hard and had some good bites, but only caught snags. He lives on the river in momence and has a rod out all the time. he tells me he forgets to check them for days. Go figure. He says livers work good. Probably so. I live in manteno, always lookin for a fishin bud. If you want to toss some line out PM me. Bill