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Me and my Bestie got some small gills at a local lake and caught a couple skipjack on worms and bobber doing the Hippie Twitch Wiggle ...Fished from 730-230 am ...Dunno water temp bit air temp .dropped from 80 at night two nights ago to 50 last night brrrr. She lost a biggun that ran straight into a log jam ( betting that gill was right in front of a spawn hole .Managed 3 a 24 and a 22.5 inch we kept .( Yes I do keep some smaller ones ). She bested me there and also caught one guessing about 18 inches that went back . A 36 inch gar swallowed my 8/0 circle which I wasn't happy about losingng lol.A good night the 2 we kept done spawning . Bites on heads except the biggun that got away .Love my Bestie time ! Get to try out my Bubba too !
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