Kahle hooks for saltwater?

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by peewee williams, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. peewee williams

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    Does anyone use Kahle hooks for saltwater fishing?If you do,What size and what kind of fish?Thanks.peewee
  2. laidbck111

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    I thought about it several times but never have. I think its Eagle claw that makes a nickel plated kahle for saltwater, but I can't swear to that. I use regular J-hooks size 4 long shank (cricket) hooks are a 7/0 seacircle when I go.

  3. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    I use them quite a bit, also circle hooks. The 'flounder' hook used by a lot of salt water anglers for years now is nothing more that a kahle hook, they just didn't call it that when they first came out. lol From what I've read, circle hooks also were developed for saltwater use originally.
  4. C_wernett

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    North Carolina
    Circles were first developed by long liners to limit the amount of fish coming off hooks. And for most uses that's that way I go for fishing cut or live bait. However, if you are fishing a moving rig, such as a fluke rig with a spinner blade, and teaser skirt in front of a mullet or other baitfish, the wide gap and exposed tip of the kahles works out best.
  5. FishBrew

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    next time you are in a large tackle store that has both fresh and saltwater tackle, take a look at a "croaker" hook (I think both mustad & eagle claw make them) ... you would think you are looking at kahle's twin.