Just what do we do?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by pythonjohn, May 25, 2007.

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    Just replied to a thread about gas prices started by KansasKatter.(He got me started).
    My statement is once the trend started it will never go back and the trend has started!
    I don't like being controlled by someone I don't even know.
    Its easy to sit back and say "I can't do anything about it so I'll Just pay the higher prices for fuel"
    Am I alone or just crazy?
    I am fightig mad about the gas prices.
    Not only will this effect me and you but generations to come, mine and your children and grandchildren.
    It has a domino effect on everything and everybody.
    So I guess what I am asking is what is it that we as a group can do to change the price of oil if anything.
    Most pepole I talk to don't even seemed concerned,they just srugg their sholders and say"If gas prices go up I'll just have to pay"
    So I say what if it goes to $12 a gallon would you still feel the same way?
    Are we becomming a nation of puppets or what?
    Whats your feelings......Or do you have any?


    I am pissed too, what to do? i would say vote but the oil companys are so deep in our politicians pockets that they control this country, one company ,cant remembe which give a fifty MILLION dollar bonus to one man last year, one man, what u reckon is in it for bush and congress, billions?.......REMEMBER THE BOSTON TEA PARTY

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    I absolutely detest these gas prices.There is absolutely not even one good reason for it!! I wish we all had the brains as individuals to make our own fuel and be dependent upon no one but ourselves.$3.39 a gallon is the most rediculous gas price I have ever seen,didn't think it would ever come to $3.00 but man I was wrong.I have to say I absolutely don't know what to do about it. Folks could refuse to pay it and just park their cars and trucks.But what about their jobs if they did this? Unless a person lives in the city where there is local bus service which I prsonally don't have I just don't know what to do!! The Government knows they have us over a barrel and if I were a betting person(which I am not) but if I were I'd wager that they think it's pretty darn funny! They don't have to pay it so why should it bother them. I would love to see a President who had the attitude"If it hurts my people,my country,it hurts me.If they can't financially do it I won't either) But I don't think we will see anything like that!!:angry:
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    Was watching Fox news last night and they ran a piece on gas prices. The oil companies make $0.10-$0.12 on every gallon of gas that they sell. The US Government makes $0.42, in taxes, on every gallon of gas sold in this country. Who's ripping us off?

    Am I ticked about it? Sure. But the question arises, "What can we do about it?" Boycott? I'm not so sure how we'd get back and forth to work, but we could try. Carpool, use mass transit to reduce demand? It would work, but it's not a very realistic option for some folks (there's no way I could haul all of my tools on a bus/subway). Alternate fuel sources? I love the idea and it is gaining popularity. This year SUV sales are down 16%, compact car sales are up 18%, hybrid car sales are up 300% from where they were last year. It's coming, but it's not here yet, and isn't enough to drive demand (and prices) down yet. I do believe that will be what ultimately does it for us though.

    Biodiesel, ethanol, compressed natural gas, hybrids....what will the next alternative be? For the US to bring this idea into realization would be this country's great achievement IMO. At that point, we could satisfy our own need for fossil fuel with what the US produces domestically. And at *That* point, boys and girls, we can effectively tell the OPEC (Ali Baba and the 40 thieves) to go to hell, and keep their oil.

    I completely agree that we shouldn't just take it anymore, and as soon as biodiesel is available in my area, my truck will be fitted with the neccesary stuff to use it. And my next family car will be a hybrid. I've got no better ideas.