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    puddle jumper tadpole and my self went fishing yesterday and pj put me on my pb blue a 17#r . i just wanted to say thank you pj for all the advice and help brother. yesterday was a awsome day for me i really had so much fun. also met spurhunter which is a super nice guy. i hold the utmost respect for pj for sharing knowledge and being a good friend and a great catfisher along with the way he respects the entire aspect of catfishing. if you guys ever get a chance to meet pj you will see exactly what im talking about. i also want to thank tadpole for sharing and helping me clean fish . the way i would have done it would have took hours... and hours but we wiped through them pretty quick. my hat is off to you to and like i said yesterday was so awsome i really have no words or expressions to show . god bless both of you.:big_smile_2::0a31: here is the fish

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    James congrats on the new PB blue. Thanks for sharing the pic and your day on the water. Enjoyed.

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