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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by CherokeeRett, Feb 8, 2006.

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    Hi ya'll! Well, I've been pretty busy for the last few months, helping our son in law with our grandaughter (she's 3 yrs old) since our daughter just up and walked out in October. In November, she sent our grandson, age 6, to go live with HIS father, so she now has no kids to worry about. Anyhow, our son in law, Eric, received notice two weeks ago he was being activated again, and he left for Iraq yesterday, his 2nd tour. We are now caring for our grandaughter full time, which is a joy....but very tiring as I havent had a 3 yr old around full time for 21 years LOL!! I just wanted to ask that you pray for our son in law, Eric Duckworth, for him to come home safe. And maybe pray for our daughter as well to get her head screwed on right before I have to go do it for her ;) Planning on taking the grandkids camping and fishing this season, does anyone know of any good spots for kids , tent camping that has shower facilities and playgrounds .......Illinois or Missouri area ???????
    Talk to you soon!!!!
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    WB Cherokee,
    Our neighbor's daughter did the same as yours just before Christmas, signed her kids over to her hubby and off she went. Dad and Granny take pretty good care of them as you will also.
    You may check out Dawson Lake, I am not sure about what they have but seems there are a lot of campers. There is a private campground north of Graymont, that has showers, swings, hay rides a small pond with some nice kitty's in it. It's a pretty nice campground for kids and grownups also. My mother-in-law use to work there for years. The Gaspardo's are the people that own it and are very nice people. They also have some canoes that they drop you off and then pick you up at the end of your trip which isn't a long way, but good for a little fun. I can even hook you up to the kitty spot for catching them. I think you can only keep two if you want some to eat, but I have caught seven before in just a short period. Good luck and let me know if your going to Bayou Bluffs, that's its name, and I'll tell you where to fish at for really good luck. Dicky

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    Good luck taking care of that grandaughter and tell your son in law Eric to keep his head down and make it home safe.
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    I will keep your son n law in my thoughts. It a good thing you are there for the baby and him. I have had my grand daughters for 5yrs , they are 8 and 9 now. Its is a lot of work but worth every minute of it.
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    Eric as well as your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. The great outdoors is a great place to take those younguns;) Nice to see ya back too.
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    I think he will make it back safe, he has a youngin to get back too. Just remeber to help raise them well, and to be their for them no matter how tired you get, children are a treasure to have to bad for your daughter. Maybe in time she will relieze her error and wake up. I know I would never abanding my daughter.
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    Vitamin's & prayer is what you need.I can do something about one of 'em.Take care.