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    My husband had to fly to Saint Louis Missouri to meet with his Attorney and the actual Railroad big wigs to talk about a settlement.To make a long story short,it was a waste of time.They were not willing to pay hardly anything!! Not even enough for Steve's lawyers to make anything from working the case for 3 years.So I guess He has another round of doctors to go through plus needs people who are willing to testify that he got hurt.I thuink very little of the Railroad,people get hurt working for them then they don't like to do their part to help take care of it!! They upset me to no end,so tired of going through this mess and having to drag our kids throughit. We just wanted our lives back,guess it's too much to ask for GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!:angry:Sister Pat
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    I am sorry to hear this. It reminds me of a few movies I have seen about big business screwing the little person. Just stay focused and keep at it and good will prevail.

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    Wow thats awful I work for the railroad and got injured luckily I had a lawyer friend that gave me some advice under the table. When it was all said and done the RR gave me more than my friend told me to ask for, sometimes you get lucky. I have a friend that went through what you are going through and it took him forever but they paid and he is still drawing it 20yrs later so stay strong and good luck
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    Yep i agree with Cat Hunter stay focused and dont let the man get you down!
    They ( the big companies out there) want you to be frustrated and take what they are offering instead of what you deserve.:confused2:
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    Richmond ,Indiana
    It's Such A shame that the American Work force works our butts off and when something happens on the job we Have to fight to get our bills paid and to survive be cause the big businesses of this Country deems us all replaceable .It's a shame. Hope that everything gets settled for you and yours Pat!!