Just returned from Green Vally Lake HAD A SUPER NIGHT!!!

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    Well the Skunk Is DEAD Cause I Killed him Tonight.I Pulled off work early this afternoon to go do some drifting for channel cat. I haven't had much luck of any sort fishing lake mannawa or desoto bend Or for that fact the Missouri river here in western Iowa. So I decided to look for greener pastures and was going to 3 mile lake up by creston IA. its about 125 mi from Council Bluffs IA.Well when I got to Creston I stopped into the local bait shop to find out if any one had been having any luck with the catfish and told the man that I was going to give 3 mile a try and he said good luck mister I don't think you will do any good because they drained it last fall to redo it! so I ask what about 12 mile lake it's just down the road apice and he replyed haven't heard many catfish comming out of there lately. Great I said just drove 2 hours to get here. He said well you diden't waste your time cause they have been doing real good at grean vally lake and it's just north of here 4 miles. Super i replyed how do I get there and he gave me directions plus a map of the lake. so I looked around his shop and picked ou a fue things to show my thanks and off I went. Well I got to the lake and put the boat in and and looked at the map of the lake that he had given me and and made my plan of attack. Baited up with Fresh bluegill head on one and fresh bluegill filet on the other set back and got a cup of coffee from the thermos wasen't 5 minutes and Whamo the blugill head loades up grab it and set the hook feels like a nice one as i'm realing it in the other rod loads uo to so I put my foot on it so it won't jump out of the boat. well I get the first fish in and dump him out of the net and grab the other rod don't feel bad either well I land it also and dump him On the deck of the boat well the first one will go six pounds and the other around four pounds GREAT!!! so I fill the live wel and resharpen the hooks rebait and put them back in the water.Set back down take a swig of coffee darn it's cold so I throw it out and pour another Bam the Bluegill head loads up again grab the rod man now this is a real good fish taking drag some and staying down so i'm bring him in and glance back at the other rod it's balinceing on the gunnel of the boat stuck on eye of the rod oh crap skurry to the back of the boat put my foot on it and fighting the other fish. Now i'm at the back of the boat(18FT. lund alaskan) And the problem is that the net is in the front of the boat, well this just Won't work so I reach down and pick the other rod up in my left hand and move to the front of the boat so as to be able to get to the net put the rod in my left hand down and put my foot back on it so it dosen't jump out of the boat and land the first fish man nice channel should go #10 pounds easy. Dump hin out of the net set it down and pick the second rod up and get control of the fish and man he feels real good also staying down well I get this fish in the net and dump him on the deck also. thoso two fish could have been twins both the same size. well I get the plires and take the hooks out and put the first one in the live wel and decide to weight the other one just as I figured #10 pounds and change Man it don't get much better than this! Well I'm geting close to the bank time to start another drift. I'm not the smartest Turd on the block but I'm going to make that same drift again.One drift and two doubles I must be dreaming so I go over and lift the lid on the live wel and have lookse Yep them fish are in there alright!! Must have done something good to be this lucky but for the life of me I shure don't know what it was. The man upstairs must have me mixed up with someone else! To late now cause them fish are MINE Right. Well I get set up again and start my second drift set back down grab my coffee take a big swig cold again So I dump it out and pour some fresh and no mome than get it to my lips and the Bluegill head loads up again set the coffee down grab the rod and set the hook. Dosen't feel bad but not as good as the last two. as i'm realing the fish in the other rod loads up. Now I'm in the front of the boat again and the second rods in the back so I switch hands and grab the net and run to the back of the boat. put my foot on the second rod and land the first fish dump it out of the net toss it down and grab the other rod feels good better than the last well I get it in the boat nice fish #8 pounds and the other was just a shade over #5 pounds put them both in the live wel. can you belive it THREE doubbles Man the catfish Gods are smileing on this Old DUMB Meatcutter. Set back down now I'm going to drink this coffee take a big old Swig Cold again that just ain't right. So I dump it out and pour some fresh but I'm going to drink this cup before I rebait. Now I'm setting there in the boat and Happier than farmer with a new combine And trying to remember when I've had such good luck and coulden't think of any time realy. well like I said before I might not be real smart but I'm going to make that same exact same drift again And If them cats haven't noticed that I have 6 of there brothers in my live wel by now TO BAD SUCKER cause old Jonn Boy is comming back again. Now the limit is 8 fish and I'm fixen to try and limit out because the freezer dosen't have one catfish filet in it and the kids have been asken me when we are going to have a big fish fry and I tell them soon. Diden't want to tell them I have been out twice a week for the last three months and have been Skunked all but once and I gave them filets to a Frind who can't get out to fish any more due to health reasons. So I make the next Drift and pick up one more A #4 pounder .Make my last drift and was getting close to the bank and it was 10:00 PM. and you have to be off this lake by 10:30 pm.and wham one rod loads up I set the Hook and get it in the boat and in the live well now I have Big Live wel and man it"s FULL. So I get the other rod in and start the motor and fixing to head to the ramp and pull off the lake . Now did I mention that Its PITCH black and I have lost my berrings which way do I go? I also have A brand New Sonar Lorance LMS339 df igf you Know the new one with Global Positioning Well the colore is shure nice But other than that I don't know how to use the damm thing. I think it might help me find the ramp next time LOL. Well maybe J.W or Drednot can give me some pointers wher I'm down at the national gatherind next month. Any way It was a Great Night. Your Friend and Brother J.D.Straka. :big_smile: PS.I have some pictures and I'll Get the son in law over here (He is a computer nerd) I'll have him show me how to do it so I will be able to next time. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks maybe thats all them new tricks are STUPID! LOL
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    J.D. sounds like you had an awesome trip. I hope to be catching fish like that soon. Congrats on the catch and I am glad you beat that skunk off.

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    Man, now that's a night's fishing! Maybe they were coming up for that cold coffee? Sounded like you weren't starting out too well, fromthe sopts you had to choose. Glad you got away from the skunk.

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    AWESOME STORY JOHN!!!!! Sounds like you had a blast! Congrats on catchin' such a fine mess of fish!
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    good job wish i could beg a bite here , the skunk just wont go away for some of us
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    Great story brother, sounds like yall did awesome. Congrats!!
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    Way to go J.D., You must have been grinning ear to ear after catching those bad boys. there is nothing like catching cats to put a smile on your face.:big_smile: :big_smile:
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    That is awesome! Im going to have to find this Green Valley lake now! Great job, and I'm looking forward to those photos.
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    Pat Chaney
    Way to go, JD!!!! That's one heckofa trip!!! Maybe those cats were attracted to that cold coffee that you were chumming with :roll_eyes:
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    Hey John, Wow what a night. I am sure tickled for you. I felt like I was with you the way you told us about it. Looking forward to the pictures.

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    Me too John.I am like SeedTick.Thanks for taking me fishing.I realy enjoyed it.peewee-williams
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    Great story John...thanks for sharing it!:big_smile:
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    Thanks for the tale jd. You should hit return and put some paragraphs in sometimes. It would be easier to read.

    I have heard good things about that lake in late summer. I think they drained 12mile last year. 3 mile is still fine I think and they did net some big fish out to put in it from 12mile. I can't believe you drive away from the MO though. That is some tough going.
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    I'm plum wore out trying to help you land those fish...lol. I'm still wondering though about what that coffee tasted like...lol

    Thanks for the fishing trip, it was great...